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Start-up and enterprise support

  • You don’t have to engage in the costly process of building an IT team from scratch. You can skip that part, save resources, and let us handle your IT needs in a cost-efficient manner.
  • You pay for the time we spend on delivering solutions for you and it is you who decide when you’re satisfied with the results of our work.
  • We help you devise an initial small-scale concept so that you can test whether it fits your needs and purposes right away.
  • Bring your business plan to life saving 40 to 70% in the process.

IT advice and support

  • We help you choose the right software for your needs.
  • We estimate the costs of IT solutions and carry out their implementation.
  • We carry out software audits.
  • Save thousands of euros monthly that you would otherwise have to spend on setting up and maintaining your in-house IT department.

Optimization of work

  • We automate and streamline your company’s processes.
  • Business targets and users’ needs are our focus.
  • We carry out projects in stages so that you may utilize the effects our work sooner.
  • You may save up to 90% of time hitherto spent on recurrent tasks and release thereby your company’s true potential.

Designing and developing websites and apps

  • Everything’s covered: from solutions that require no more than a few days of work to deliver up to handling months-long projects.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly versions of websites as standard.
  • We integrate IT systems. Information about an order placed on your website can instantaneously appear in your manufacturing management system.
  • Bespoke software yields 50% higher returns at the same cost compared to ready-made solutions.

How we work?

You will explain to us how the work in your company is organized. We will discuss each section’s responsibilities, the challenges it is facing and how it interacts with other departments.

We will attentively analyze every detail of your company’s structure and indicate which processes require improvements. We will understand your business.

In order to fully recognize your employees’ needs, we will develop user stories.

Building on that, we will suggest which technologies fits your firm’s requirements best. Together we will carefully discuss our recommendations and choose the optimal solutions.

After comprehensive consultations, we will move on to the development stage. Depending on your expectations, we will either implement ready-to-use software or design solutions dedicated for your business.

Your employees will be testing the software prototypes on a regular basis. By taking account of end-users’ feedback, we will develop tools that effectively respond to their needs.

We will start the software implementation at your company. Your employees will receive an indepth briefing on utilizing our systems, allowing them to fully benefit from their functionalities and verify their usability. We will provide your business with optimized IT solutions that are intuitive, efficient and reliable.

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